Saturday, 7 October 2017

Today is an amazing day!

Today I want you to remember that you are an amazing person, a work of wonder, and a divine creation!

Just for today please remember that you are surrounded by the healing Light of Love. That this same Love permeates all things; all people, all nature, all circumstances, all of our work. Love is alive and well even in conflicts, catastrophes, disasters. Love is present all around, as well as all within. 
Today Love hears and listens to your heart, shares your joys, your hopes, is with you in your worries and fears, and very present in our tears.

Who are we? Who are we but One with Love today and always. We are in fact Love’s words and actions, Love’s shoulder for others to cry on, Love’s listening ear.

Today we walk in the Light of Love. Today we shine with its brilliance whether we see that or not, whether we feel that or not.

I will see you through the eyes of Love, just as you will see others through Love’s same eyes too. And I will remember that that is how you look at me – if you will remember that that is how I see you too.

We belong together, for we ARE together in Love, in Light. We are not our own, but Love’s! Happy Day everyone! :)

pic courtesy of Bella Surya Loves