Thursday, 5 October 2017

A dream you dream

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." -- John Lennon

The moon shone full-faced into my upward gaze,
"Will you smile upon me as I dream?" I blinked,
drawn as a devotee of lightening the night.

The words dripped as crystals, iced as diamonds,
faceted and romanced until I knew not where to turn,
where to reflect the muted hues.

"What side shall I shudder from? Take unto my own?"
The forest held their council, steeped in their own cathedral of devotion to the magical hours of betwixt and between.

With no candle to guide, I felt my way,
breathing deep the crisp changeling time.
Finding solace in remembering to look above.

The moon rounded over the ridge,
spreading her rays as wand,
where even the pines could not ignore.
Under her equanimous spell,
the trees and me were set aflame.

She routed out dusty corners,
swept us unburdened into her embrace.
We swayed and chimed
softly caressing each other
until loved glistened in our needled hair.

A lilting melody brushed up against our roughened skin.
Its notes familiar, yet the words distant, almost too faint.

We stilled and opened a chamber in our hearts,
a pathway thru the darkened wood.

Ribbons of vibration spun before us, around us, in us,
weaving us more intricately into the ever expanding design.

Swathed in light and pillowed with peace,
we were cradled and rocked with the gravitational pull
of a compassionate, full of forgiveness moon.

mj 10.4.17 poem and image

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