Monday, 16 October 2017

Heart of God

Have you ever imagined the Heart of God and what it would look like?
Would it consist of vast arteries and veins and ventricles and atriums? Would there be blood cells and valves?  Would it sometimes beat fast and sometimes beat slow, would it always beat with an immense pounding?

Or would it simply be made up of you and me and all our friends and all those who have gone before us (but who are still ‘here’ because they never leave us)? Are we not ALL a part of Love and yet always all of Love and therefore all of God?  And is our Loving Kindness the life force, the blood, and our Love in action the heartbeat?

I think I can imagine the Heart of God and it is us, we, YOU and me.  See how we pulse, we beat together as One?  See how, by giving and letting go, we provide kindness which circulates around the globe, which nourishes and enriches every cell?

Yes it would beat strongly, but steadily and constantly.  And like a heart, it would beat quite effortlessly without our doing.   And it would send out healing.  And it would Love like nothing else can.  And we DO.

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