Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Being, In Love

Imagine living.
In a world
where being
has no boundaries
no diversity
is a new place.

What?  You say.
There is a boundless place I say.
It’s impossible you say.
Maybe not I say.

What is the difference
between a smile given
and a smile

Who feels good
from a courtesy?
The receiver?
Or the Giver?

How can
friendship be offered
without the host
possessing it firstly?

When exactly does
love begin,
and where does it
take place?

Wow! You say.
I agree I say
Love begins with me, you say.
Love begins with me, I say.

No boundaries.
No difference.
Being, In love.

Peg Campbell –Love Foundation – Art, Essay and Poetry Awards 2004

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