Monday, 29 January 2018

Walk in your Truth

by Daniel Horgan (a fav of Suse15 from

Turn off the distractions. Shut off the lights. Close the door. Pull the blinds.
Sit…in silence…
Let your mind…wander.
Feel the air…glide…over your skin.
Don’t stop. Keep breathing.
Now focus…on the truth.
Not the truth that others have assigned you.
Not the truth that you were taught to believe.
I want you to forget the labels…self-described, bullied into belief.
I want you to dream.
Not the dreams of others. Not the demands imposed upon you.
I want you to…imagine…who you will become…what you will do…where you will go.
I want you to imagine…who you were born to be.
I want you to…see it…and feel it…and explore it.
Don’t stop. Keep breathing.
Let out…that sigh of relief.
Aren’t you tired?
Tired of hiding behind all those masks?
Tired of running for fear of failure?
Tired of jumping when someone says jump?
Tired of being pushed around…and down…of falling?
Tired of hurting and losing…when you know you were born to win?
Sit in silence…
Turn off the noise…the name calling, the titles, the judgements, the scores.
Tune out the laughter…turn away from the fingers pointing.
Breathe in…and out.
Let your mind…wander.
Don’t resist the visions of possibility…the dreams of determination.
Soak in the sunlight of success…stand proudly in the footsteps you have chosen.
Don’t stop. Keep reaching.
Be grateful for this opportunity.
This birth of a new beginning.
Take off the uniform of conformity.
Pick up your pen and write your next chapter.
Don’t use the words of others…craft your own mission.
Focus on discovering your purpose.
Lean into your passion with conviction.
Stand up for your beliefs. Speak out your truth.
Don’t shy away from progress the moment that challenge arrives.
Don’t resist reality to create another fa├žade.
Don’t let lies envelop you…suffocate your voice and paralyze your practice.
Embrace what you have been given.
Celebrate what’s unique.
Be confident in what you are capable of achieving.
Let the naysayers be your motivation.
Let the critics put wind in your sails.
Connect what you have to offer…with what the world needs.
Surround yourself with people…who fuel your strength to…
Walk in your truth.

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