Monday, 15 January 2018

Entangled Infinity

Entangled Infinity

Life’s journey was a winding road.
When all was said and done,
I was greeted joyously
On the other side by everyone.

“Before we celebrate,
“You must be judged,” my angel said.
She smiled and took my hand, then joked,
“The worst is over. You’re not dead.”

She led me to an open field,
With emerald, velvet grass.
She bound my eyes then guided me
Along a softly trodden path.

We wound uphill and I could hear
Around me everywhere
The murmuring of people
As though a billion souls were there.

We walked uphill and I was turned
To face the gathered throng.
Then, when she removed the blindfold
Everyone broke into song.

I knew this song, I sang it too.
It burst from me like prayer.
I gazed into the gathered crowd and
I saw many billions there.

We sang until the song was done,
Then every voice was still.
Then, in the thundering silence, my
Gasp of shock was almost shrill.

I stared across throng of souls
As far as eye could see.
And every single face was known.
For every single one was me.

My angel took my hand and smiled.
“In order to be fair,
“We walked your path, we lived your life,
“We understand for we were there.

“We live inside infinity
“So every life in every time,
“Is lived by every one of us
“At exactly the same time.”

“It loops around and back again.
“An endless flow. Infinity.
“Inside your body, you forgot.
“Remember now. Your soul is free.”

She closed her eyes and raised her hands.
The throng become quite still.
A ripple shuddered through me.
Not unlike fear, a piercing thrill.

“We know the choices, we know why,
“In every moment that you lived.
Then billions of voices cracked the sky,
Speaking a single word: “Forgive.”

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