Monday, 26 March 2018

Love Lives Within Us

She stands alone, on top of the hill.
She views the world around her with a clear and steady gaze.
She sees its beauty and its scars.
She feels its joys and its sorrows.
She hears the sounds of life, the birds and the bees, the voices raised in praise and those raised in anger.
She stands among us.
She feels unconditional love for all that is, in the way that it is in that moment.
She shines her love for all to see and feel.
She is loved by many but not by all.
She takes no actions but allows for others to find their own way.
She is there to support and guide but only when asked.
She accepts herself for who she is, without judgment or shame.
She is mother, father, sister and brother.
She is infant, child, adult and older.
She is timeless.
She lives within each and every one of us.
She is love.

(As a suggestion, read through this post again and replace she and she is with I and I am. Each of us has the capacity to love and be loved, if only we acknowledge and accept it. Please feel free to share, if you are so inspired. )

Picture taken by TC

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