Wednesday, 21 March 2018



Do you wear a mask for the world
to see?
When all of you,  inside, longs to
be free?
A prison, a cage, in which you’re enclosed,
A smile on your face so no one else knows.
A life of pretense of what lies inside,
Where your friends and your family
Don’t see the lies.
Despair and torment, sorrow and fear.
These things that have followed you
Year after year.
No strength on the inside,
to muster a shout,
For walls to come down and to find a way out.
In the midst of the day,
When you’re lying in bed.
With horrible thoughts,
Going round in your head.
It feels like you’re caught in a Spider’s Web…..
And you wish you were dead!.....

In the midst of the turmoil
you hear a
small voice
Telling you softly that you have a choice.
You don't have to suffer or walk on your own. Through the storms and the trials you were never alone.

The still small voice
It sounds like love
Reminding me softly that He is enough…..  

And he said......
‘Those things that you suffer. I suffered them too.
There in the Garden I did it for you.
Reach out your hand and put it in mine. This journey we’re on.
Well it will take time.
But we’ll walk it together.
Safe in my love. Drawing strength from my Father in heaven above.
When the fear overtook me
I gave out a cry.
Forsaken... I thought, but that was a lie.
My Father was with me though I could not see.
I reached out in despair and he strengthened me.
Then I knew what I had to do.
And what I did, I did for you! Crucified upon a tree. I laid down my life so you would be free.'

Reach out and let me take your hand. Now you know I understand. Everything you’re going through.
All I have revealed is true.
So special child open the door.
So that I can show you more.

My love for you will cast out fear. You will learn I'm always here. When dark thoughts are in your head. Reach out and talk to me instead!

MCR 2013

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