Saturday, 17 March 2018

Happy Trails

By T Henry at

Sun barely risen
So too am I
Another August mornin’
Punchin’ doggies

Feels like far
Since I left my mam and pap
Wrote em’ once
Think I was in Arkansas

Man said head west son
There’s good land for the takin’
Sweet water runs along the ridge
Good grazin’ as far as the eye can see

Best keep movin’ the herd
Gotta reach New Mexico by November
Some good ol’ boys helpin’ the ol’ man
Makes the saddle ride a bit smoother

When she’s done
Might just set a spell
Arizona in December
Seems about right

Nothin’ finer then sun settin’ on the trail
Me and the boys sittin’ round the fire
Tall tales about runin’ cattle
Taller still about the loves
Won & lost along the way

It’s a good life
Yes sir, a good ol’ life

T Henry
February 17, 2012

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