Friday, 22 December 2017

Your Love Shines Bright

Just as the sun in our galaxy is always present and emanating its life-giving light to assist the whole of creation manifest its beauty and splendor, so is love ever in our heart and forever ready to express through us. Born with amazing potential, we are all miraculous beings capable of creating with limitless imagination, along with the willpower to make things tangible. Gifted with such awesome capacity to actively participate in our reality, it is curious that we seem so limited in our perception of ourselves most of the time.
Maybe it is time to expand our perspectives and reignite our love as the conscious catalyst of creation.
Cycles and rhythms are a natural part of existence and each inspires change and evolution for the next expression. Here on our precious planet, just as one solstice brings us the longest night, the next reveals the shortest, and in-between each, we have the balance of the equinoxes. Life is always evolving its expression.

A new cycle is upon us and this one is yours to choose. Just as the sun shares itself for all of us to exist, you are here to shine bright with your love. You do this with your kindness and compassion. You begin with accepting and embracing yourself and your potential, and in doing so, simultaneously see this in everyone else. Your words are ones of encouragement and your deeds activate opportunities that benefit all. You are becoming the rhythm of love.
Love and hugs
Harold W. Becker
Founder and President
The Love Foundation

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