Thursday, 5 April 2018

Water is Blessed by Faeries Feet

by gryocloudy

Water is blessed by faeries feet.
Springs are purified by their skin,
they know most cruel love misteries,
and strengthen hearts like a forge.

Mischievous they sink, fragile, the canoe.
They play, nude, sweet as honey.
Loyal and beautiful presence to their forest,
they hide their smiles behind the bushes (zagua is proper noun for a bush)

Among laughter and singing, night falls.
But their dance keeps flowing over flowers.
They love, sensuous, their affection grows.

In half-light they forget their fears
If that tender ash come to life again,
they will dance tomorrow again, with great pleasure.


And the spanish original version:

Bendicen con sus pies las hadas, agua,
purifican manantiales con su piel.
saben los misterios del amor más cruel,
y avivan corazones como fragua.

Traviesas hunden frágil la piragua,
juegan desnudas, dulces como la miel,
son al bosque de bella presencia fiel
y ocultan sus sonrisas tras la zagua.

Entre risas y cantos anochece.
Mas la danza sigue sobre las flores,
Aman, sensuales, su cariño crece.

En penumbras olvidan sus temores
ya si aquel tierno fresno reverdece,
danzarán mañana de mil amores.

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